Installing Unlaunch (TempNand)

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We will now use TempNand to install Unlaunch

What you need

  • An SDHC (4-32 gigabytes) SD card for your DSi
  • The latest release of Unlaunch
  • The latest release of TempNand


Installing Unlaunch

  1. If you have not already, follow the instructions for setting up TempNand.
  2. Download and open the latest release of unlaunch, and extract the unlaunch.dsi file
  3. Open TempNand and go to File > Open > Open Encrypted Nand. Once the file choosing window opens, navigate to your nand_dsi.bin file
  4. Wait a few seconds for your TempNand to load your nand backup.
  5. Once TempNand has opened your nand backup, click on the install Unlaunch button. Once the file choosing window opens, navigate to the unlaunch.dsi file you got earlier
  6. Go to File > Save as and save a copy of your latest nand backup for safekeeping (Do not close TempNand yet).

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