Downgrading (ugopwn- TWLnf)

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Please read all below information before starting

Original instructions by Jerbear64 (twlguide)

In order to install HiyaCFW, you must downgrade to DSi version 1.4. Follow the below instructions CAREFULLY.

These instructions ONLY work on USA DSi systems! Make sure that there is a "U" by your version number.

There is a risk of bricking, however, this method is less dangerous. That does NOT mean it is foolproof! Follow instructions EXACTLY, and keep multiple copies of your original NAND backup!



Section I - Copying Correct Files for Ugopwn

  1. Power on your DSi.
  2. Go to System Settings > Data Management > System Memory > Flipnote Studio (any other DSiware in this area will work as well) > Press Copy > Press Yes, and finally exit to the DSi Menu. (If you cannot access Data Management, try opening the DSi Shop, then close it, and try again!)
  3. Power off your device, and insert the device's SD card into your computer.
  4. Copy the contents of to the root of your SD card, and rename twlnf.nds to boot.nds.
  5. Copy the contents of to the root of your SD card.
  6. Copy the twlnf 1.4 installation script for your region to the root of your SD card.
  7. Unzip to your computer. Open your SD Card's drive, and navigate to Private > DS > Title. Copy your .bin file to your dsi_srl_extract directory. If multiple .bin files are present, only one needs to be copied.
  8. Double-click on to run it. You will now see a console_id.txt file in the directory. (Note: On Unix-based systems (Mac and Linux, for example), WINE is required for this script to run.)
  9. Copy console_id.txt to the root of your SD card.
  10. Remove the SD card from your computer, and insert it into the SD card slot on your DSi.
  11. Power on your DSi, and open Flipnote Studio.
  12. Press "View Flipnote", then "SD Card".
  13. Choose "select folder", then choose "user" instead of "normal".
  14. Open the ugopwn folder.
  15. Click on the note with the red bottom half, then choose "edit".
  16. Once you are on the editing page, click on the flipnote frog icon in the bottom left.
  17. Click on the film roll icon, then choose "copy".
  18. Choose "back", then "exit".
  19. Click on the second note, then choose "edit".
  20. Click on the flipnote frog icon in the bottom left.
  21. Click on the film roll icon.
  22. Click on the single right arrow (the next to last arrow icon) two times. You will see a new frame be created.
  23. Click on the paste button exactly 122 times.
  24. Click the erase button, then the paste button.
  25. You are now in twlnf. When prompted, press (A) to create a NAND backup. This will take a few minutes.
  26. When the NAND backup is finished, press (B) to exit twlnf. This will power off your device.

Section II - Downloading v1.4 Files

  1. Insert your DSi's SD card into your PC.
  2. Copy nand.bin to a safe place on your computer. Do not lose this file! It is an essential backup.
  3. Open NUS Downloader.exe and check the box that says "Create Decryped Contents (*.app)" (Note: Unix-based systems (Mac and Linux, for example) can run the .exe natively using Mono.)
  4. Uncheck the box that says "Keep Enc. Contents".
  5. Select: Database > System (DSi) > System Menu (Launcher) > [Your Region] > v512
  6. Select "Start NUS Download!"
  7. When done, select: Database > System (DSi) > Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist > All > v256
  8. Select "Start NUS Download!"
  9. When done, select: Database > System (DSi) > System Settings > [Your Region] > v512
  10. Select "Start NUS Download!"
  11. When done, select: Database > System (DSi) > Version Data > [Your Region] > v4 (China)
  12. Select "Start NUS Download!"
  13. Exit NUS Downloader, and run to prepare the titles for installation.
  14. You now have a new folder called title in your NUS Downloader directory. Copy this folder to the root of your SD card.
  15. Unplug your SD card, and insert it in your DSi.

Section III - Installing System Version 1.4

  1. We are now modifying the DSi NAND directly. Ensure your DSi is plugged in and has a full battery.
  2. Repeat steps 11 - 24 of Section I to run twlnf.
  3. Wait for twlnf to load. When prompted, press (X) to mount the NAND directly. (twlnf does not list this as an option.)
  4. Navigate to install-1.4-(your region).nfs. Press (A) to execute.
  5. twlnf will now verify that all files are in place. When prompted, press (A) to continue.
  6. twlnf is now installing firmware version 1.4 on your DSi. When execution returned 0 appears, the script has finished executing.
  7. Press (SELECT) to quit twlnf, then (A) to confirm. Your DSi will power off.
  8. Power on your DSi, navigate to System Settings, and verify that your system version is now 1.4.

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