Installing exploitable DSiWare

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This page still works fine, however, it is quite outdated and complicated. Follow here for an updated Sudoku+sudokuhax guide. Sudokuhax is really the only exploit you need.


We will now install an exploitable DSiWare on your DSi. Before starting, look at the table below and choose one of the DSiWares for your region. If you have already gotten one of these on your DSi or on a 3DS, choose that one. If not, choose Sudoku, which is the only one still purchaseable on the 3DS eshop. After choosing a DSiWare, write down its short and long IDs.

DSiWare/Application Short ID Long ID
Sudoku USA: 4b344445
EUR: 4b344456
USA: 000300044b344445
EUR: 000300044b344456
Fieldrunners USA: 4b464445
EUR: 4b464456
USA: 000300044b464445
EUR: 000300044b464456
Legends of Exidia USA: 4b4c4545
EUR: 4b4c4556
JAP: 4b4c454a
USA: 000300044b4c4545
EUR: 000300044b4c4556
JAP: 000300044b4c454a
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition USA: 4b513945
EUR: 4b513956
USA: 000300044b513945
EUR: 000300044b513956

We do not condone the use of piracy to obtain a copy of one of these DSiWare applications, and strongly encourage you to buy Sudoku on the 3DS eshop instead of resorting to piracy (seriously, it's only $2).

What you need

  • A way to boot into FWTool, such as ugopwn (incompatible with non-USA consoles)
  • An encrypted Nand backup of the DSi you are installing an exploit to
  • A .app or .cia version of the DSiWare you want to install
  • The latest release of ctrtool
  • The sudoku patch pack
  • The latest release of No$GBA
  • The Nintendo DSi BIOS
  • The latest release of fwTool
  • The latest release of TempNand


    Section I - Converting your .cia to a .app

  1. If you don't have a .cia version of the DSiWare you want to install, use FunkeyCIA or Villain3DS to get one using the eshop data of a 3DS console that has bought one of these apps (if you haven't bought one yet, Sudoku is the only one still on the eShop).
  2. Download and extract the contents of the crtool release to a new folder
  3. Place your .cia file in the crtool folder and rename it to dsiware.cia
  4. Run extract.bat. You should get a file called, which is the .app version of your DSiWare.

  5. Section II - Patching Sudoku

  6. You do not need to follow this section if the DSiWare app you are exploiting is not Sudoku. If you have Sudoku on your DSi already but bought after 2011, you should still follow this section and the next one, because you probably have the version that cannot execute the exploit.
  7. Download the sudoku patch pack and extract it to a new folder.
  8. Place your .app version of sudoku in that folder.
  9. Open Lunar IPS. Select "Apply IPS patch".
  10. Select the .ips file corresponding to your DSi's region.
  11. Switch the file view from "Most Common ROM Files" to "All files (*.*)".
  12. Select your .app file. It will then be turned into the original Sudoku.

  13. Section III - Installing the DSiWare app to a nand backup

  14. Make sure you have an encrypted nand backup of your DSi's nand (in other words, the last working "nand_dsi.bin" file).
  15. Open TempNand. (if you have already gone through the Setup process in another page of this guide, you can skip the next two steps).
  16. Go to the setup tab and choose "Console ID", then "get Console ID from file". Choose a .bin file you got from system settings by dumping any app (follow Section I of the downgrade page if you do not have this).
  17. Go to the setup tab and choose "CID", then "get CID from file". Choose the CID.bin file you got from fwtool in the earlier section (follow Section I of the downgrade page if you do not have this).
  18. Go to File, then "Open Encrypted nand". Choose your "nand_dsi.bin" file.
  19. Wait a few seconds for the file to open. The program may appear to freeze up, but please give it time.
  20. Once the buttons start working, click on the one labeled "Install exploit app"
  21. In the drop down menu of the window that pops up, choose the app you are installing, then click "Install"
  22. Navigate to where you have your .app file and double click it.
  23. Wait one or two seconds, then go to File and choose "Save as". Navigate to the folder in your DSi with random letters and replace the nand_dsi.bin file there (Don't close TempNand yet).

  24. Section IV - Testing Your NAND with NO$GBA

  25. You can skip to step 28 if you have done this already.
  26. Download and extract NO$GBA to a directory.
  27. Extract the DSi BIOS files from the "DSi firmware" archive into the NO$GBA directory
  28. Open No$GBA.
  29. Go to options and then Emulation setup.
  30. In the Emulation tab, set “Reset/Startup Entrypoint” to “GBA/NDS BIOS (Nintendo logo)” and NDS Mode Colors to “DSi (retail/16MB)”. Then click Save Now and then OK.
  31. On TempNand, click File and then "Save for No$GBA". Navigate to the No$GBA folder and save it there with the name "DSI-1.mmc"
  32. Open No$GBA again.
  33. Go to File, Cartridge Menu (FileName), and then open any .nds file (such as FWTool).
  34. Your NAND will now be emulated by NO$GBA. Check that your NAND works perfectly
  35. If everything works on NO$GBA, then continue. If not, restart and find what went wrong!

  36. Section VI - Flashing your NAND

  37. Open fwtool using any exploit you have on your DSi (if you only have ugopwn, follow steps 8-22 of the Downgrading page to open fwtool).
  38. Once in FWTool again, select Restore nand_dsi.bin (This may take a while. DO NOT EXIT FWTool until the restoration is complete.)
  39. Exit FWTool. You should now have an exploited DSiWare installed!

If you would like to check out what DSi Homebrew you can now use, check out the Homebrew Downloads page.